Tuesday, January 20, 2015

6 Essential Steps for SEO Success:


6 Essential Steps for SEO Success:SEO is a very important factor to increase PR for your website. But SEO success depends on many matters. So, if we know that we can get success. Now a day’s many people use search engine as usual Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. So, if you do not follow the SEO rules, your site must miss the search engine search. Not only this but also many factors depend on SEO success. In the bellow I mention that factor and sort details about this.

1.  Keyword Search:    You can use  Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
2.  Nice and useful content: you must post in you blog nice and useful content.
3.  Accessibility of your Article.
4.  Check your PR and Page Views.

5.  Link set up.
6.  Use social media and share post.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Importance of directory submission:

Directory submission:
Directory means category or subject wary website list source. When search Engine was not released, Directory used hugely. Many people likes found their information from directory. Because it’s easy and simply to collect subject wary information from directory. When you search any kinds of data in any search engine, generally you can get UN-necessary information list or website list from search engine. But directory system is simply and you can get right information from directory. It is clear concept to all you can get huge visitor from directory if submission your site in directory. Many online free directory sites give some special offer for directory submission at cheep rate or free. Directory submission is most important at the beginning part of SEO. In this post I discussed openly about Directory submission. In below I refer some items and high pr free directory web-site list. I think it’s very exclusive and effective for your seo terms.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top keyword tools for SEO

Top keyword Research tools:

Keyword research tools is very helpful for identify right or useful keyword. Right keyword always related with visitor and traffic rank for blog or web-site. Many blogger and wave developer in the world Research about this, so it’s importance is very effectively for SEO.  It is a clear concept to all many visitors is coming from big search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Really most of visitors come from first or second page in any search engine. In this article I discussed about keyword research tools for SEO. It easy and simply if you identify Wright keyword. Many SEO experts follow or use many keyword research tools. Generally key word research tools help you for choose SEO friendly keyword. If you follow thus rules you can get high traffic rank in the era of internet world. In bellow I discussed top 10 keyword research tools. As like as Google ad words and many others….

Top Keyword research tools:
1.               https://adwords.google.com
2.               http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/
3.               http://www.google.com/trends/
4.               http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com
5.               http://clues.yahoo.com/
6.               Google Correlate
7.               http://www.soovle.com/
8.               Rank Checker
9.               http://www.nichebotclassic.com/
10.         http://www.seoquake.com/
11.         http://tools.seobook.com
12.         http://thesaurus.com/
13.         http://www.synonym.com/
14.         http://www.metaglossary.com/

Friday, November 30, 2012

very exclusive post for seo:

Important terms of seo:

Seo is small word but it very exclusive for any kinds of web-site for promote.

Now a days it is difficult terms for any blog or website to get high PR rank or Alexa rank. But you follow some short terms you can get high PR rank. Generally we know about two kinds of seo as usual on page and off page. But on the other hand Black hat seo and white hat seo is also important for seo.

In this post I refers thus terms

1.          White Hat SE0: Black hat seo means some legal seo rules. it also called as Ethical SEO. Now we can find out some special rules of seo. At first you create website for human facility but not for only search engine. Only search engine means you try and try for get high PR rank but you have no unique post or nice post in blog site. Always keeps some unique or legal post in your blog site. Don’t copy paste from other site. If you use some strong keyword only for seo but you have no unique post in this position you can could not get white hat seo. However, If you follow all rules of white hat seo you will be win in internet world.

SEO tipc

2.            Black hat seo: If you do not follow or abide search engine rules it is called black hat SEO. It also called as Unethical SEO. Staffing, Dowry pages, unseen text, spamming back link etc are including in black hat seo. If you interested in black hat seo your blog or website will be banned from Search engine.


No more today, in the next post I discussed another details part of seo. Thanks for reading this post.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Domain name:

Importance of domain name:

“A beautiful name is valuable than valuable asset”.

Dear, visitor in this post I discussing about domain name. Domain name means your blog name or website name. A nice name is important in every via media but it’s most valuable when you entered the Internet world. If your blog name is long or elaborate, it’s become disgusting at visitor.  On the other hand your blog name must be related with your post, visitor search their own keyword related with own subject. So indicates subject related name is very useful or needs for seo. A beautiful blog or domain name means in short command your website national Id card. In bellow I indicate some exclusive points about nice name.

1. At first you try keeps your domain name easy and nice by hook or by crook.

2. Don’t elaborate your domain name.
3. Always try to get last extension (.com)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Most important factor of seo:

Important factor of SEO: Dear, visitor in this post I am discussing about most important factor of seo. It is clear concept for every blogger A regular visitor is life of his website. So, a admin or blogger try to increase visitor by many media or social bookmarking site. But if you follow some rules or system you can easily increase visitor in your blog site or web-site. In bellow I submit some information or suggestion for increasing visitor.

1. You should regularly post submit in your site.

 2. Summit your site in strong search engine.

3. Promote your blog in social networking site.

4. Increase your web-site back link.
5. Video marketing, like YouTube, and many others.
  6. Follow yahoo answers or same site, or when answers yahoo questions submit your site link in finishing point of question. If you have level 2 0r up yahoo id you can do it easily.
7. Analysis right keyword about new post or new domain.
8. Participate may forum you can increase visitor or some new information added in forum you do it easily.
9. Press relies is also important for seo.
10.And last Directory submission is also important for seo.

No more today, in the next article I discussed details…Thanks for reading this post.-by…